Technology powering UrbanCyclers

Building the most advanced big data cycling model. Computing the experience-optimized routes. Analysing all kinds of cycling data.

Data Driven Cycling Model

Our Data Processing and Fusion Toolchain combines Maps, Terrain data, Recorded tracks, Traffic intensity, Public transport data, Crowdsourced data and other data using advanced AI algorithms and deep expert knowledge into the most accurate digital model of cycling world.

Next-Generation Cycling Routing

Our engine employs big data and sophisticated algorithms to calculate top quality cycling route recommendations.

Experience centric

Employs big cycling data and advanced network algorithms to calculate routes that maximize the overall cycling experience (incl. safety).


Plans trips with both fixed-station and floating bike sharing systems, taking into account real-time information on bicycle availability.


Supports all relevant combinations of walk, bike, shared bike and public transport within a single trip.


Plans routes optimized for different types of electric bikes.


Provable highest route quality compared to other bike routing engines

From Cycling audience to Advanced network analytics

The data collected by the app enables creating the most detailed urban cycling analytics in the world.


Age, Gender, Bike type, ...

Trip and routes

Origin-Destination matrices, Traffic intensities / counts, Travel speeds, ...


Network bottleneck identification, Route avoidance analysis, What-if analysis, ...

Analytics case studies

Check out some of the analytics outputs we have created before.

Open and Extensible

Integrate our leading cycling artificial intelligence into your products and services.

Routing APIs

Advanced bicycle routing as a service ready to power your transport apps and services.

Navigation SDK

Turn-by-turn navigation components ready to enrich your cycling apps