Urban cycling made simpler and fun

Bike Smarter

Get personalized expert advice on how best to ride the bike around your city

  • Explore your city with the comprehensive urban cycling maps.
  • Search for the best cycling routes based on a range of criteria, including safety, comfort and speed.
  • Be guided to your destination by a turn-by-turn navigation optimized for urban use.
  • Get real-time weather and pollution updates*.
  • Don’t have a bike? No problem - plan your trip with a shared bike.
Go Intermodal: Combine bike with train, metro or bus to extend your range or dodge unfriendly parts of the city.
Go Electric: Find the best electric bike routes with a dedicated e-bike routing profiles.

Bike More

Be motivated by a unique system of rewards. Make cycling your habit

  • Track your rides to get insights into where and how you cycle.
  • Unlock Explorer, Commuter, Night Rider and a number of other unique urban cycling badges.
  • Win valuable real prizes for your cycling achievements. You can win folding bike!
  • Connect with competition Do práce na kole 2017 and upload your rides with one click.
  • Participate in global and local urban cycling competitions.

Bike United

Unleash the power of the urban cycling community

  • Motivate and be motivated by sharing your cycling achievements with the UrbanCyclers community.
  • Inform fellow riders about cycling issues and hazards on routes you know.
  • Record your rides to make the app smarter and facilitate your city’s transport planning.
  • Leverage the power of the cycling community to get the authorities to do more for cyclists.

Cities use your data to improve infrastructure!

Lets ride!

Just take your bike and let UrbanCyclers guide you! It is fun!


UrbanCyclers are now available in 7 areas across the world

Afraid of mounting your phone ? Don't be!

Mounting your phone to the handlebars is easier than you think. The handlebars also protect your phone. After majority of the bike accidents, the bike falls to a side. Follow UrbanCyclers! We give out the rubber holders to our users often for free.