UrbanCyclers Suite

Smart cycling conversion made for cities.


Get deep data-driven insights into cycling in your city

Use different type of data analytics (travel time analysis, weak link identification, etc.) for making smart decisions when investing in cycling infrastructure. Validate proposed solutions in what-if analytics.


Make it easier for your citizens to get out on the bike

Give your citizens relevant and timely information they need to get around the city on bike safe and efficient. Help to spread the information created by your city's cycling community among other riders.


Make more people want to ride

Engage citizens through urban cycling games and competitions. With UrbanCyclers you can organize own campaigns, manage participant and award real prizes to the best.

Make your city cycle more!

Do you want UrbanCyclers to work in your city? Do you want to increase modal share of cycling?

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Software provided as a service with no extra costs

  • Mobile app, web app and analytics tools working seamlessly together.
  • Provided as a Software as a Service -- no extra IT infrastructure, maintenance or upgrade costs.
  • Can be delivered as white box solution with your city’s branding.
  • Can be extended and integrated with other apps and services through open APIs.


Full range of products - from basic analytics to whitelabeling of the whole solution - has found its custommers.

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